Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover is a ROM hack of Pokemon Fire Red which features two brand new areas of Fochun and Ebin Isles, as well as 386 real fakemon, Launched in late 2014 as the junk rash of Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Clover has since evolved into a complete revision with all new characters, story, maps, music and gameplay mechanics. The main point of the trinity is to follow the Pokemon as a whole, as well as the 4Chen imageboard culture. 

Thus it contains topics and language that are not suitable for the faint of the heart. The current version of Clover has been running for 4 years, with more than 40 assistants trying thousands of hours, and with an estimated 70 hours of time, Clover is sure to bring you moments of joy, frustration and laughter. When you travel through fields, oceans, deserts, and mountains, confront Professor Stump’s Pokédex aide and tough rivals and gym leaders.

Features of Pokemon Clover

  • 386 original fakemon
  • Enhanced audio sampling
  • Brand new custom made
  • Physical / Special Distribution + Fairy Type
  • Various modern mechanics
  • GSC-style berry trees
  • Wonder Trading
  • Mugshots for the main characters
  • New custom poke balls
  • Black / White 2 Repel System
  • General 6 style capture experience system
  • New custom items
  • Reusable TMS
  • HM movements are forgotten

Pokemon Clover Download

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Most powerful Pokemon

  • Heliofug

Heliofug is a Dragon / Fire Legendary Pokemon that is currently unavailable in the short game using wild Pokemon modifier exploits. Its typing makes it a great Pokemon to use against fire and grass types, but the Ground, Rock, and Dragon will be a hassle.

It has an excellent attack and special attack state, although these other figures are a bit low. Gradually, the Heliofug is much better than Pokemon, or if it has a slight increase in its own speed statistics, though it will remain a glass cannon. It gives 4 EVs when defeated in battle.

  • Baddon

Baddon is a pure Dragon Legendary who has only faced defeat after defeating Elite Four. This will be inside the basement of your home, which opens after defeating a game such as Access to Matto in Pokemon Red / Blue. 

Its typing is a bit of a responsibility as it will be weak for Ice, Dragon, and Fairy while there is some resistance to fire, water, grass, and lightning only. He is proud of his strong defense and attack prowess, but with extraordinary speed and incredible HP, he will need some strong allies. That being said, it could cause catastrophic run-offs like Draco Meteor and Dildo Cannon.

  • Endranther

Andrew is a poisonous type of powerhouse that can be found in a rotting pit in Fuchin. Its typing makes it resistant to fighting, poison, bugs, grass, and fairy while ground and psychologically dangerous. It has extremely balanced and robust stats that have a high attack which causes it to have a physical conflict.

The idea is to inflict poison using a move like Cross Poison, eliminate the enemy’s bonus stats through neat smog, and then restore health using a poisonous drain while poison will improve their health. ۔ This is a very powerful Pokemon that you should really consider joining your team.

  • Vivaiger

Vivaiger is an electric type Legendary, part of the energy duo with Enderstra, though without exploitation it is not achievable in the game. It has almost the same number of stats as the. Indian, except that it has a special attack with a bit more physical defense. Its typing makes it strong against flying, steel, and fellow electricians and only weak to the ground.

It is a powerful sweeper that uses overrunners to reduce opponents’ special attacks, uses beams to charge its own special attacks, and then their paralyzed opponents before they explode with Thunderbolt. Delete it. If you can get it to the 100 level, Zip Cannon will suffer incredible damage and guarantee every hit is paralyzed.

  • Jewipede

Jewipede Pad is a Bug / Normal Legendary found at the Animango City Game Corner after the player purchased the Cellar Key. It has a strong balance of HP, Defense, and Special Attack, which makes it a great wall. Its typing exempts it from ghosts, which are resistant to ground and grass, and vulnerable to flying, rock and fire.

It has a variety of tricks for stalls, walls, and efficient retrieval. Fuckouts, twisting tactics to disturb stall moves, Big Buzz can drop an opponent’s special defense, and Leach Life is great for regaining health. At high levels for brutal attacks, it receives the Giga Impact and the Megahorn.

  • Demiwaifu

Demiwaifu is a pre-legend found in the Crystal Line Cave. It is exempt from dragon types, resistant to fighting, bugs, and deep, with only poison and steel weaknesses. It has a great balance of statistics with good speed and HP, special defense and special attack. This is a great special broom.

The charming Cry 100 is an excellent measure of accuracy, brilliant shine and Moon Blast are solid attacks, while Drain Boss will restore 75 percent of the damage it does to HP. At level 95 it gains a lactose shot that deals amazing damage and reduces the enemy’s special attack.

  • Adesign

Adesign is a legendary Pokemon. It will be in the upcoming release and is now being exploited or corrupted. It has perfectly balanced stats with no resistance or defenses that make it great for fighting anything in the game.

An attack is the only learned attack and it causes a lot of damage. If you get a tutor to Edison, he can learn the meme which is a matter of minor damage but increases his statistics. Is. One can also learn TM or HM in the game. Keep it in your team and for whatever role you want. Use it.

  • Griffawork

Griffawork is a psychic/flying legend who is found in a hidden room in the Futaba Chambers. Its typing is a responsibility because it weakens Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Dark, but it is ground exempt, strong against Fighting, and has the combat of Grass and Psyche. It has great stats for Special Defense, Special Attack, HP, and decent speed that make it a special brawl/sweep.

Give it a combination of flying and psychological attacks such as speech or an Aeroblast to reduce psychological special stats. At high altitude, Hurricane Katrina is a huge flying attack and Psycho Boost is a psychological attack.

  • Boarnograf

The Boarnograf is part of the legendary duo with Gryffauker and is a deep / ground type. It is also found in football chambers. It has strong HP, attack, and defense which makes it a physical fight. Its typing makes it vulnerable to combat, bugs, water, grass, ice, and fairy, though this type of combination is useful because it is electric and psychological and resistant to poison, rock, and ghost.

Direct future attacks like payback, drill run, soccer punch, and earthquake are the way to go. Advanced punishment does this damage by increasing each enemy’s stats, and S**tpost is a deadly attack.

  • Clovenix

Pokemon Clover is by far the strongest Pokemon mascot Clovenix, an interesting grass/fire type, a scroll that is not regularly used in sports. It is not achievable without exploitation. Typing is stronger than grass, steel, electric, and fairy types, while flying, poison, and rock are weak. It has flare speed, good special attack, HP and attack which makes it a great broom.

Energy ball is great because it can reduce special defense, then choose early attacks that cause status effects such as the flamethrower and flare bullets. At the highest level you want a Futaba brake that removes and holds the light screen while affecting the target’s ability and sacred fire while giving up to 50% chance of affecting the burn while causing a lot of damage.

Pokemon Clover Cheats

The game has some original music tracks, locations, items, and stories. That being said, like any Pokemon game, you have to use some deception. That’s why we have a list of Pokemon Clover scams that you can use for your GBA emulator.

Note: Please make sure the emulator you are using it allows the cheats because some emulator doesn’t allow them. You can mention about non-working cheats in the comments.

Pokemon Clover Cheats Code List

Complete Pokedex


Max Stat

1st Pokemon

2nd Pokemon

3rd Pokemon

4th Pokemon

5th Pokemon

6th Pokemon

Wild Pokemon Nature Modifier

D0E34D66 5796A7D3 = Hardy
D73BC50A 5F47AA0E = Lonely
E485844D 2F24038C = Brave

Wild Pokemon Level Modifier

8BB602F7 8CEB681A
00939804 4086FF3B

Unlimited EXP


Walk Through Walls

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Instant Money

8E883EFF 92E9660D