Lunar IPS – How to Patch with Lunar IPS

Lunar IPS – How to Patch with Lunar IPS

Lunar IPS goal is to make the lightweight IPS patch utility replacement SNESTool DOS program very easy for windows. Both programs can be developed and implement IPS patches. And as for the features, LIPS has IPS patch application support. 


  1. Extending the file.
  2. Lunar IPS Encoder has features that it creates the same size file than the files created with SNESTool.
  3. IPS patch application support.
  4. RLE encoding/decoding support
  5. IPS Encoder SNESTool avoids the rare offset bug found in IPS encoders.
  6. Register an IPS file so you can just double-click on the IPS file and then apply for the selected file for convenience.
  7. Login feature to apply the IPS patch.
  8. Patching support in 16MB size files, which is the limit of IPS format.

IPS File

The IPS International Patching System is a file extension for the binary patch file format used by sports in the history, primarily for patches smaller than 16MB. The IPS file can be converted using the IPS-specific software utility. IPS files are also used to break copy protection.

Open an IPS File

File Extensions, The easiest way to open IPS is to try to download some popular software that uses IPS extensions. The most popular programs associated with IPS files include Game Patch File, Script File, and Mansi 3D Ipso. 

Patching with Lunar IPS Patcher

Two types of files used for pokemon rom and they are IPS and UPS files. ROM hacks were developed in IPS and in UPS extensions. You can’t play games on your emulator with these files. You would need the file patching software for this purpose.

IPS Patch

IPS is an easy setup for binary file patches but popular in the ROM hacking association. IPS is reportedly an international patching system. The primary author of the setup is hidden.

Lunar IPS Patcher

You need Lunar IPS Patcher if your game is in IPS file extension. Patching files with Lunar IPS patcher is straightforward and it will take some seconds to successfully patch the ROM Hack.

How to Patch with Lunar IPS Patcher

Follow these steps to patch IPS files using Lunar IPS Patcher:

  1. First of all, you install the Lunar IPS Patcher and unzip the zip file, and then save it to your location.
  2. Now you open the Lunar IPS Patcher software.
  3. Browse for your IPS file.
  4. Select the IPS File and Open it.
  5. After opening the file, Select Original GBA Rom File

How to Run IPS on VBA?

Visual Boy Advance enables users to play the Nintendo game from Game Boy in their own PCs. The emulator reads these games in read-only memory or ROM format. When you apply it to ROM files, IPS can have different effects. IPS files contain only the information that the ROM needs to change. Download the IPS file you want to patch in Visual Boy Advance. Download that ROM file in which you want to use your IPS patch. There are several games accessible on the websites including Japanese titles. 

Extract both ROM files where you downloaded it to the record after that you must Rename the IPS file which matches the ROM file name. Now start the visual boy advance and select Options and then press the Emulator icon from the drop-down menu and enable “Automatic IPS Patching”. It runs IPS files directly from within the emulator. Its works only then, when IPS file name matches the ROM file name. Open the file and then open the ROM file. The game will automatically load and accomplish the IPS file. Now after these processes you will be able to play the game.

IPS ROM on Android

First, you press the “Select ROM” icon and then go to the Download, and select the ROM that you want to patch. After that tap the “Choose Patch” icon and select the IPS/UPS patch file that you want to use.

Guide for patching ROM Hacks on Android

  1. Find and know the information for the patching process. 
  2. You need to patch will need a ROM 
  3. Now download the IPS patch for the hack 
  4. Open the Play Store and download the ROM Patcher. 
  5. You will need to extract the file which you downloaded. 
  6. Go to the Google Play Store, find RAR and install it.
  7. Open the zip file with RAR.
  8. If the ROM is in the SD card then the error will be shown and then You need to make sure that the ROM is in a folder that is not in your SD card. 
  9. Moving the ROM from the SD card to Download as the downloaded patch should be already there. 
  10. Open the ROM Patcher and press to the Select ROM icon 
  11. Go to the Download icon after that select the ROM 
  12. Select the Patch and then this process will be done. 
  13. Move the previous folder and open My Files then select Downloads
  14. Holding the ROM until the main menu will appear, 
  15. If you don’t use this then delete or uninstall the files & apps 
  16. If you don’t rename the ROM & backup, you can rename the ROM First. 
  17. Open the ROM with the emulator.