How to find Shiny Pokémon

How to find Shiny Pokémon

Shinies are found by just attempting to get Pokémon and checking whether they show as a substitute tone in the fight and post-fight screens.

Ordinary (left) versus Gleaming (right). Credit reddit client skinnysnorlaz

They will not show up as an alternate tone in the field, so you need to endeavor to get them first.

They obviously can likewise show up in anyplace you’d discover a Pokémon, not simply the wild – so that incorporates incubating Eggs, Exploration task rewards and Assault extra difficulties.

A Sparkling animal is very uncommon, so it’s just an instance of checking each one you are searching for – like Magikarp – in the expectation it will be an alternate tone.

Regularly, the variety is to some degree unobtrusive. You can see the distinction in Magikarp in the above correlation picture, graciousness of Silph Street subreddit client skinnysnorlaz.

Pokémon Go Shiny list and rarity tier list

Around five months after Shiny Magikarp was first sighted, we started to see the first sign of other shinies.

Though the list has expanded greatly since the arrival of Magikarp and Red Gyarados, the number is small compared to the number of non-shiny creatures in the game.