16 Best Pokémon Fan Games (June 2020)

16 Best Pokémon Fan Games (June 2020)

Children from the 90s must know about the Pokemon, They won their hearts not only with cartoon series but they also launched a lot of Pokemon Games. The gameplay revolved around catching your favourite Pokemon and battle with friends. 

In this article, We will tell you about Best Pokemon Fan Games. We have made a list of most popular games, we will add more games in this article so make sure you bookmark our site to check the updated list.

Pokemon Insurgence

We start with a strong fan-made Pokemon game called Pokemon Insurgence. The Insurgence game boasted thousands of players. In addition, the uprising shakes traditional Pokemon adventure with an exciting story full of cultural leaders and Pokemon experiences. All this in a brand new region too. Spot collection and general gameplay give the game an official feel. Add in the Mega Evolution and Creative Delta species, where one player can combine two Pokemon’s DNA to create a third, and there’s no way to pass that experience.

Pokemon Showdown

Choose your team of 6 Pokemon and fight against other players from around the world, directly from your browser. There are different styles and rules of the game that you want to get the exact game experience. In addition, the game is kept up-to-date and includes the latest Pokemon and the rules of the experience each time it is played.

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is one of the RPG maker-based & fan-made Pokemon games that receive interrupted letters during development. Pokemon Uranium focuses on the story of a young Pokemon trainer who is trying to uncover the secrets of a nuclear explosion in the Tandor area. Along the way, we see strange events happening all around the player, and a shattered Pokemon stares out wide. 

Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is a fan-made & episode-wise Pokemon RPG game developed using the RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Accessories engine. The game works to restore peace to the earth by resurrecting the legendary Ho-O and defeating the oppressive king. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Phoenix Rising offers players with many features you wouldn’t expect to find in a Pokemon game, including selection-based results, Expert trees designed for playlists, and a quest system that organizes in-game events.

Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is the first game on the list that is not ROM. Unlike other games, which are ROM hacks, Pokemon Reborn is a brand new game built on RPG Maker. The result is a lot of resolution spirits, lots of vibrant colors, custom Pokemon, a great world of search, and about 55 hours of gameplay. Pokemon Rayburn is a desktop game rather than a GameBoy advance ROM. You enter a universe filled with black smoke and acidity. Crime is rampant everywhere, and the world around you is wreaking havoc.

Pokemon Rejuvenation

Pokemon Recovery comes from the same makers of Rebirth and, therefore, includes many features. We have another exciting new setting, the EVM area; once a strong unified nation, the EVM was destroyed after a major disaster known as Storm 9. Since then, the residents of Swim have been slowly rebuilding and restoring the land. However, things change for the worse when a prominent organization called Team Zen emerges from the shadows whose plans to eliminate Avi’s citizens have made little progress.

Pokemon Clockwork

Pokemon Clockwork is another fan game that was created using Pokemon accessories. In it the players are seen moving towards the rugged terrain of the day, where humans and Pokemon live with humility. You are called to action by none other than the legendary Pokemon Celebi, who travels in time to warn you of a hostile attack by mysterious teammate Epperson that leaves the rocks in ruins. Your goal is to get Team Aplon to stop implementing their heinous plan before it’s too late. Clockwork features general 1-4 Pokemon presentations and includes unique features including Quest System, Day / Night Cycle, Time Travel Mechanics, New Tricks, Gameplay Re-Balancing, and Dynamic Pokemon Evolution. There can be war.

Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash is a modified ROM-hack of Pokemon Fire Red that easily follows many of Ash’s Ketchum adventures in Pokemon mobile phones. In the game, players control Ash as they try to defeat the Indigo League and become a Pokemon Master. However, this is not stopping there is FireAsh allows players to travel to every area throughout the series’ history, challenging more than 50 gym leaders, as well as various Ash’s travel companions and rivals. The game includes a roster of genres from 1-7 to 800 different Pokemon and has been updated to include Mega Evolution, Alola Pokemon Farm, and an appearance from Ash’s Granja.

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism is a sequel to Pokemon Crystal, along with the Pokemon Crystal ROM hack, which is Pokemon Red’s ROM hack itself. The game begins with Prism, the son/daughter of the famous dragon trainer Lance, who suddenly loses control and sends them rocking on an uneven track. The track takes them to the Nalju region, a previously uncharted territory in which industrialization was obsessed. Following the adoption of Levitre, which lost its trainer, players Niljo and Rajon (Pokemon Brown) set out on a journey to collect 20 gym badges in two regions. The game features a medley of Pokemon from races 1-4 and introduces new mini-games, TMSs, and gas/sound / pre-element elements.

Pokemon Sage

Pokemon Sage launches as a collaborative project on 4chan’s / VP / (Pokemon) board, with the goal of designing the original set of Pokemon. It kept growing until the team finally decided to create a complete demo based on their new creation. Set in a Latin American-inspired aerobic region, the game sees you embarking on a new adventure to become a Pokemon Master. What is most impressive is how much original content is filled up in the short demo of the Sage that expires after acquiring the third gym badge. 

The characters in all the Pokemon, Destinations and Sages are completely original and are much more fascinated by Latin American culture, which is an excellent portrayal of government sports. Recent rumors suggest that an updated, final version of the game will be released soon, with additional content.

Pokemon Light Platinum

There is nothing like the old Jane Pokemon vs. New Jin Pokemon. Pokemon Light Platinum is considered one of the most complete Pokemon rooms to date. Based on the popular version of Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Lite Platinum includes an impressive array of graphics and Pokemon to keep Pokemon fans entertained for hours. With 16 gym badges, two Pokemon Leagues and a World Championship, Pokemon Lite Platinum has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a familiar alternative to the official Pokemon Games, Lite Platinum is the place to be.

Pokemon Ash Grey

Pokemon Ash Gray is a fan-made Pokemon game based on Fire Raid that mimics Ash’s journey in the original Pokemon animated series. I was a huge fan of the growing animated series, so Pokemon Ash Gray is a pleasant journey down memory lane. Pikachu and the Ward of Train mean to spit yourself out of this fan-made game.

Pokemon Godra

Although most fan-made ROMs try to get the most out of Pokemon characters instead of developing trainers, Pokemon Godra tries to jump on them. In this famous fan-made room, you can live outside the gym. With a series of career paths for your trainer, you can become a war party leader, military general, safari zone warden and more. In addition to being a standard game spanning Pokemon races, there are also western and eastern parts of Godhra, with different stories and questions for you to enjoy. 

Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark Rising Looks like Pokemon’s Dark Souls. After the difficulty reaches 11, it is normal to finish more than once before the gym’s first leader. From rival battles to random encounters, this game leaves you in the thread. For a refreshing early game experience, you own all of the beginner dragon types, while the game covers the first five generations of Pokemon.

Pokemon MMO 3D

So far, we’ve only added 2D sprite-based fan games to this list. However, there are some notable 3D Pokemon fan games. Pokemon MMO Three features fully stable 3D environments where you can interact with Pokemon and other trainers in real-time. Development for the game first began in February 2015 and is still going strong despite the removal of the original site. The way it works is quite interesting: During battle occasions, the player is given direct control of Pokemon’s movements and attacks. Each move has a separate solid bid and players have the option to escape the wild confrontation if they find themselves unconscious.


If you want Pokemon MMORPGs but prefer the old 2D games format, Pokemon is worth checking out. In fact, the game was limited to the retrieved version of the Canto and Huwen areas. However, the latest information from several years has now expanded its offerings, including Sinhah, who belongs to General IV. In it, players are called upon to face a tremendous challenge: beat gymnasts, elite four, and champions of each region. In addition, players can create fights, trade and even teams with other players online. Currently, Pokemon is poised to expand further and include the Unova region from General One