Play Pokemon Showdown, Tournament, Smogon Tiers

Play Pokemon Showdown, Tournament, Smogon Tiers


Animation effects in the games industry allow the characters to look fantasy and portrayal of their movement and behavior. Sometimes animations are used to give life to the characters of the game, Moreover, it can also be applied to other elements such as scenery, objects, vegetation, and environmental effects.

Games are meant to be interactive. When you play a game, you’ll need complete management of the character and the camera. you are the one driving the story forward and creating the character move. thus not solely will the animation have to be compelled to look sensible, it has to look good from each possible angle.

If you want to step in the world of animation then don’t wait and google the best games related to anime. There is a huge list that offers games in battles, puzzles, adventures, and many more. But when it comes to animation in battles than don’t forget the name. This is best and highly recommended for action lovers.

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What is Pokemon showdown?

Pokémon Showdown has move animations in battle. It requires one-click replay sharing and connecting to disconnected battles. This game is designed by Zarel in October 2011. It is open-source, anyone can contribute to its graphical designs. Pokemon showdown is coded in javascript and node.js. Later on, this game was handled by Smogon in 2012.


Pokemon showdown is famous and comprises an easy interface due to the following eye-catching features:

  • Pokemon Showdown is so amazing that’s where professional players use to practice for Nintendo’s official tournaments. 
  • Much of Showdown’s concern is a matter of convenience. When trying to find a battle on Battle Spot, Pokémon’s official in-game battling service, the first thing you notice is the long wait before you find an opponent, which can last five to 10 minutes.
    Thanks to the sheer quantity of players, the wait for an in-browser battle is rarely more than five or 10 seconds.
  • It’s fun and easy to use, and it’s a web game that doesn’t require installing anything.
  • You can use randomly-generated teams.

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Smogon Tiers

You can develop a team of Pokémon that share a single type to battle other teams following the same team-building rules. Painstakingly craft the perfect party to climb the ladder in the fan-made tier system known as the Smogon tiers.

The most powerful Pokémon lies in the tier who never go down in the rankings are: 

OverUsed (OU), UnderUsed (UU), RarelyUsed (RU), never used (NU), and finally PU. Smogon tiers offer a chance for less-useful Pokémon to shine. 

Signing up in tournaments

Signing up to play in a tournament is a devotion to playing. Tournaments can usually take a couple of months to end. If you’re only accessible for a few hours per week, live tournaments like the Smogon Tour are more appropriate. If you sign up for tournaments and repeatedly fail to play your matches, you will be banned from playing in tournaments.

Signing up for a tournament is extremely simple. All you have to understand the rules. 

Every tournament uses a number of participants that result in no byes and either two or three players in the final round and for tournaments that fill up quickly. 

Even if you do not get into a tournament if the host is efficient and willing to do it. You may raise to be substituted into the tournament if somebody drops out. If you disregarded and have an interest in connection, merely post within the current tournament thread.

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Playing in a Tournament

Once you have signed up and also the host posts round one. Try and respond in a very timely fashion whenever your opponent contacts you. If somebody misses a scheduled time. The host can nearly always award the win to the player that showed up. Planning a battle could be a certain thanks to avoid being eliminated by inactivity. Don’t be lazy!

There is an honest chance you may receive a Warning or probably be banned from tournaments if you fail to stick to those rules:

  • If your user name undergoes a change, it is your obligation to report the change to the hosts of any tournaments you are participating in.
  • People that repeatedly drop out of tournaments without good reason are banned from tournaments.
  • Try to complete your battles before the deadline of each round. 

Official Tournaments

Smogon’s official tournaments are held at least once annually and are defined as tournaments that award the winner(s) with a profile trophy. You can take part in any of the below, official tournament by signing up.

Here is the list of tournaments along with their current hosts:

  • TonyFlygon is the host of Official Smogon Tournament 
  • Luigi is the host of Smogon Tour 
  • World Cup of Pokémon, hosted by Hogg
  • Smogon Premier League hosted by Quite Quiet
  • Smogon Snake Draft hosted by Hikari
  • Smogon Grand Slam hosted by TonyFlygon
  • Smogon Official Ladder Tournament hosted by Quite Quiet
  • Smogon Classic hosted by Luigi

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In every game, there is a scale which rates your performance. Same with the Pokemon showdown they use a ladder system to rate your performance. The best feature of this game is that they don’t rely on the winning or losing the game, but this truly depends upon your skills. The more you struggle the more you get rated.

Ladder uses a scoring system known as the Elo scoring system. These days video games use it too like League Of Legends.

In Pokemon showdown, ladder displays four ratings: 

  1. Elo is the main ladder rating. It’s a pretty traditional ladder rating: goes up once you win and down once you lose.
  2. GXE is an estimate of your win chance against an average ladder player.
  3. Glicko-1 is a different rating system. It has rating and deviation values.
  4. Win or loss cannot judge your playing skills, since who you play against is much more important than how many times you win or lose. Other stats like Elo and GXE are much better for estimating skills.

Tips to build a good team 

This is difficult for 1st-time users to make their own team this article will help you to design your team:

  • Choose the tier you want to build a team in.
  • Choose whether or not to run the weather.
  • Choose the team goals and strategies.
  • Select the roles of your team.
  • Choose possible pokemon.
  • Look for team synergy.
  • Look for checks and counters to suggested Pokémon. 
  • Choose move sets.
  • Create the first draft of the team in the Pokémon Battle Simulator. 
  • Start the battle with your team
  • Post to the Rate My Team Forum on Smogon.

By following the above steps, anyone can productively build their team.


This game will never disappoint when it comes to entertainment. You will enjoy this game to the maximum level. Along with its super cool features, it also suggests that you take a recap of your battles. You may get bored of playing meanwhile you can watch replays. Yes, you heard right!!! Now pokemon battles will be on your fingertips.

You can also watch replays of your favorite battles on Pokémon Showdown. Furthermore, you can upload your replay in this game. To upload a replay, click “Share” or use the command /save replay battle. Like other matches, you can take a look at the highlights of the battles. This feature makes the game more interesting to play.